Friday, February 22, 2013

Framing Job of the Wek

Custom Framing Job of the Week

Duckling Sculpture at JR Mooney Galleries

Our Master Framer Tang was able to secure a heavy bronze sculpture into a custom frame, mimicking the effects of a shadow-box.  The duck sculpture is about 35 - 40 pounds. The frame backing is reinforced with plywood sheeting and Tang has elegantly hidden all the elaborate detailing to secure the piece in the frame. Notice the clear cable tying that adds extra support to the bottom of the sculpture. The color combinations of art to frame color complement each other-(frame and artwork). 

  The rustic dark frame moulding and dark bronze casting with texture was picked by our own Framing Designer Paul De Luna and his customer. The 3-D effect adds another dimension to the usual art behind glass framing norm. 

  To go without a shadow-box glass enclosure lets the sculpture invade the viewer’s space demanding attention. 

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