Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ile d' Orleans

Ild d’ Orleans

“The canvas is first prepared with a coat of burnt sienna.  That is the light that integrates all the subject matter.  This coat appears everywhere on the canvas and is one important characteristic of my technique.  That burned sienna is the light that integrates the scene and gives it the desired vibration.  The second important characteristic is the heavy impasto I deposit on the canvas which makes possible the random rendering of the subject.  The third is the vibration of the layers of colors when they are one beside the others to create the atmosphere, the ambiance, and the temperature of the moment.   The fourth is the mix of numbers of colors in the same brush stroke, giving the flickering effect.  Then comes the loose movement I give to each stroke, as if the wind is playing with it, which gives the painting the desired of movement.”  
-Samir Sammoun
**Page 7, “Note from the Artist”-Samir Sammoun Walking with the Giants, J.R. Mooney Galleries, May 2010

Ile d’ Orleans
Samir Sammounb
12” x 16”
Oil on Canvas

A vivacious outlook, Ile d’ Orleans is vibrant glow of exaggerated hues, reminiscent of the 1960’s day-glow posters with neon yellows and pink gestures that scatter amongst the swaying spring grasses.  The ruddy accents dance across all levels of spatial illusions, guiding us like a host of masterful choreographers; offering lessons of color and rhythm.   Three darkened clusters of bush and shrubbery regulate the foreground, blocking off the viewer from the cool calming blue waters; a strong horizontal rendered midpoint in the overall pictorial composition.

   Sammoun recasts another row of linear elements as a buttery embankment and dense tree line, each anchoring the background in its own unique impressionistic manner. The firmament swirls with various blue tones that are overlapped onto the brunt sienna; revealing peeks of a drab brown under painting; an artistic undergarment exposed throughout the whole painting.   

©Gabriel Diego Delgado
JR Mooney Galleries

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