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Mooney Makes Sense column in the Jan 2014 edition of Boerne Business Monthly

See the newest edition of Boerne Business Monthly and our column called "Mooney Makes Sense" as we discuss the need to expand the traditional art collecting methods and how to mix and match genres in your home.

When Old can become new with a Twist
Western to Contemporary – the Home Curatorial Trend

From Architectural Digest to Veranda, interiors worldwide are showing the placement of seemingly conflictive aesthetics in close proximity to each other, disbanding the pigeon-hole effect of singularities based on palette, artist, or genre.

The “bridging” of styles, genres, and styles is being utilized by interior designers, gallerists, and artists to curate homes, rooms and interiors with an ever evolving eclectic mix of imagery that is beyond the norm for traditional hanging rules.

Western with Abstract and Minimalism with Landscapes; the age old concept of like items that complement each other have been thrown out the door. The New Year brings new changes, ones that are catching on with ever increasing popularity.  The diversification of peoples’ selections has driven a contemporary movement in the way homes are hung to accommodate undoubtedly diverse tastes; creating a natural flow of imagery that is both easily digestible and visually stimulating.

For example -- Boerne Western artist, Bill Scheidt’s concepts are dependent on composition.  Are we drawn into the landscape? Do we understand the relationship between the cowboy and his herd? How does the subject fit within the arrangement of all pictorial layers?  Do we believe in his vision?

Contrasted with San Antonio Minimalist Stripe Painter, Louis Vega Trevino, the composition is the work. Are the edges of the stripes complementing each other? Do we feel intuitively that the color combinations work? Are the angular arrangements cohesive to the fundamental integrity? Are the hues dependent on each other for intrinsic value? Is there a color theory concept that functions on a subversive level that creates energy?

With such questions that we ask ourselves, we begin to understand the work more, to appreciate the cleverness, the underlying principles of the art and see how both artists are driven by the same principles applied by different means.

Cowboys next to minimalism can work in the right context when we see how vertical and horizontal compositional elements in a landscape seem conversant with simplified lines and stripes that are essentially that – compositional elements that tie a work together.

Education is a tool to expand horizons, in this case art collections. Now let’s go out don’t be afraid of new concepts, new art, and new concepts in decorating the home.

With so many artists in the area and so many paintings to choose from we should not censor our collective purchases to fit a predetermined mold of how things should fit together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, take chances and risks and feel free to purchase art not only on investment value but trust your instincts; if you like it buy it—and you will find a place where it will work.

-Gabriel Diego Delgado
Gallery Director, JR Mooney Galleries- Boerne

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