Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lost Maple Path, landscape painting by Margie Barker

Lost Maple Path
Margie Barker
20" x 24"

In a painting entitled, Lost Maple Path, Margie Barker finds inspiration from her love of the land and a tribute to Lost Maples State Park, located at Vanderpool, Texas.  Margie shares her view artistically with the viewer; reminding us of times past while  enjoying picnicking, backpacking, sightseeing, hiking, bird watching and nature studying.

The rough terrain of rocks and shallow creek form the visual base of the painting.  Small saplings show new growth, vigor and adaptability in the rocky yet sheltering environment.  The arrangement of rocks is elliptical, a shape that juxtaposes the foliage of the stately central maple tree.  

The tree is radiant with natural fall color and jubilant as only nature can create.  The hillside is prolific with greens foliage and slopes downward.

Margie paints the golden yellow and maple red-orange leaves of this tree so one might enjoy the sky laden with gentle wispy white clouds. She paints the beauty of the hillside and the composition of nature with layer upon layer of vibrant color and shadow.  

 Nature is at its abundant best and Margie uses the paint and brush to tell the story. There is a walking path that beckons and the short shadows indicate plenty of time to enjoy the discovery of views only steps away.

The colors chosen are powerful in this painting and the organization is rhythmically inviting.  Margie Barker has successfully captured a moment in time as she adventured to the Texas Hill Country.

By: Betty Houston
Art Consultant
JR Mooney Galleries, Boerne

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