Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Purple Mountains Majesty

Cliff Cavin, a San Antonio based artist has been working in the Texas art community for over 3 and a half decades, giving a unique voice to impressionistic landscapes of Texas and New Mexico. Cavin painted what he found inspiring, seeking success by way of painting what he has liked. Opening June 14, 2014, Cavin will premier his spotlight hanging exhibition at JR Mooney Galleries of Fine Art, Boerne with an exhibition titled: "Purple Mountains Majesty", (Redux)

His work, simple and elegant has not drastically changed over the last ten years. Minus earlier successes of his loose watercolors, rural husbandry, and quasi-western painting, Cavin’s signature scenery aesthetic is pure; harkening back to the principles of our impressionistic forefathers – capturing light, gauging time of day; giving in to tones, shadows, and infinite spatial definitions.

However, in the select hanging exhibition at J.R. Mooney Galleries, “Purple Mountains Majesties (Redux)” contrasting light, values, and tones make for bold statements of color choices.  Cavin’s blues, purples, oranges, and greens mock each other for audacious visual adventures.  He cements the visual stimulus with a jovial rendition of stark lighting casted down by light of day, evening or glorious morning.

Golden Shadows, a mostly orange and carroty painting is balanced by blues that fade to a certain cerulean atmosphere that draws us up in to the clouds. The vast skyline is anchored by the core of the painting – the background with its mountains and hard edged definition. These deliberate divisions make simple strata in the painting, giving way to compositional horizons that play off acute angles; a thoroughly thought-out configuration with stark contrasts coupled with simple color theory.

“I found the colors of my surroundings, Texas and New Mexico to be my muse and hoped my audience felt the same; evolving in style and aesthetic along the way.”

For more information contact J.R. Mooney Galleries at 830-816-5106. The gallery is located at 305 S. Main St. Boerne, Texas 78006.

By: Gabriel Diego Delgado

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