Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Arrivals


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Internationally Acclaimed Western Painter

"Carriage Sketch II"
3.5" x 4"

Framed in gold embellished frame with 100% linen liner and museum quality glass


**W.A. Slaughter**
Texas Vintage Artist

Fall Scene

24" x 36"
Call for pricing

American Artist William A. or W. A. Slaughter b. 1923-2000.

W. A. Slaughter grew up in Texas amid the splendor and beauty of the Hill Country. He was a unique fusion of Lutheran minister and artist. However, painting was always beckoning and he began painting full-time in 1972. 



30" x 40"

Chinese Abstract Painter
Lives in Beijing, China
Graduated from the Beijing Art Academy
**Joe Peacock**
Texas Vintage Artist


24" x 18"

Joe Peacock, Texas claimed artist; spent 27 years in the Lone Star State. Born in Detroit, Michigan Peacock’s family moved to Del Rio when he was an infant. Recalling early memories of mesquite, sagebrush, and cactus, Peacock’s vivid Texas landscape recollections of the Pecos area were influenced by his father’s onsite vocation of water well driller. Accompanying his father into the field, Peacock witnessed firsthand the rugged life of the cowboy, oil field hand, and ranch hand in the sweltering heat of the Texas sun.

Given rise in the 1970’s and 80’s Peacock is rarely see on the local Art Market. His following is primarily tied to Texas Artist Collectors, with only minimal originals ever leaving the collectors’ coveted compilations.

**Porfirio Salinas**
Texas Vintage Artist


12" x 16"

"...It was in the early ‘60s when art from the J.R. Mooney Gallery began appearing in the residences of heads of state. Artist Porfirio Salinas was not only a client of the gallery but also one of the favorite artists of then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson. Johnson presented paintings created by Salinas and framed by the Mooney Gallery to President John Kennedy, who displayed them among his art collection in the White House. Salinas, whose artwork was subsequently displayed in the White House during the Johnson administration, continued to be represented by the gallery until his death in 1973. Since the Kennedy administration, J.R. Mooney Gallery has provided framing services for every American president and every Texas governor after John Connally."

* Excerpt from Bob Mooney at JR Mooney Galleries, 

Continuing in the family tradition at J.R. Mooney Galleries as seen in 78209 Magazine, Article by Chris Duel.


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