Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Back at Last by Sidney Sinclair

 Artist Sidney Sinclair’s recent painting, “Back At Last” utilizes an exploration in a more subtle and muted palette that is a detour from her previous landscapes which were more intensely chromatic with darker shadows.  This composition depicts a solitary cabin in a quiet idyllic valley against a back drop of mountains softly obscured in the blue greyish haze of sfumato.  

   The lone architectural element in Mrs. Sinclair’s landscape introduces a human element that lends a more narrative quality than in her previous landscape paintings. Gentle lavenders and blue violet wildflowers coax one’s gaze into the quiet frontier of this tranquil scene, like an invitation to gently surrender one’s thoughts into the river that calmly meanders towards the horizon in contemplation.  Through this stillness, one truly feels renewed again and “back at last”.

©Katherine Shevchenko November 11, 2014 2014

“Back At Last” and other artworks by Sidney Sinclair are currently available at J.R. Mooney Gallery in Boerne, TX. 

Sidney Sinclair
Back At Last
18 x 24



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