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Jan. 15, 2015 Quarterly Newsletter from J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art



March 14, 2015

Second Saturday Art & Wine - Boerne

**Details forthcoming**

There is an elegance, an air of panache in Thomas Arvid's paintings...

Part of that can be attributed to his favorite subject matter.  Arvid is obviously a connoisseur of fine wines.  His audience almost needs a sommelier to fully enjoy his work.

To say Arvid's paintings are photo realistic is a major understatement. When viewing his work, a familiar tingle begins in my cheeks, while the old olfactory senses go into overdrive with the robust bouquet of a smooth beaujolais or merlot.  I almost feel I must stop myself from nodding to a non-existent waiter, as if to say, "this one will do just fine."

Thomas Arvid's hand is like a finely tuned instrument.  He doesn't miss a detail or skew a perspective.  Distorted views of reality seem clear as each reflected surface has its own viewpoint and story to tell.

Arvid is nothing if not consistent.  His color palette is always warm and inviting like the wine itself.  Soft brown, satin ebony, and deep burgundy can be found in almost all of his paintings.

The holidays are over.  The cool, brisk air of January breathes like a sigh of relief, but still, one cannot help but feel a little deflated after all the recent activities that come with the season.  Arvid's work has a way of keeping the festivities alive.  The just opened bottle, candle light dancing as Sade's sultry voice floats through the air, a fire heartily going in the fireplace with a select few people and suddenly the world is right again.

Don't miss the opportunity to share a glass of your favorite red with the artist himself.  Thomas Arvid will be making a rare visit to San Antonio the weekend of March 14th of this year!  J. R. Mooney and Boerne Wine Company will be hosting Mr. Arvid as featured artist at Boerne's 2nd Saturday Art & Wine Festival.  Clear your schedules for a weekend of fine art and wine with this world renowned artist. Events will include a special exhibition of Thomas Arvid's work with the artist in attendance on Saturday evening March 14th at J. R. Mooney Gallery in Boerne, Texas and plans are in the works for a dinner with Thomas Arvid and special patrons.  We will have more details for that as we get closer to this exciting date!
 "Well Red" By Thomas Arvid - GicleĆ© on Canvas 43" x 19" 
The Briscoe was named in honor of the late Texas governor, Dolph Briscoe, Jr. and his wife, Janey.  They preserve and interpret the art, history and culture of the American West.  The complex consists of the historic museum building, the Jack Guenther Pavillion and also the McNutt Courtyard & Sculpture Garden spread over 1 and 1/4 acres in downtown San Antonio.

This year, the Briscoe will be hosting its 14th annual "Night of the Artists" art sale and exhibit.  It will showcase over 60 of the nation's great Western artists.  The sale will take place on Saturday, March 28, 2015.  There will be a cocktail reception, dinner, and live entertainment.  The exhibition runs March 29th through April 26th.

Kicking off the festivities is the Artists' Preview & Dinner on Friday night.  This event is for the artists and patrons of the museum.  The Briscoe's Legacy and other awards will be presented at this dinner. The prestigious Legacy Award recipient for 2015 goes to artist, David Halbach.  He joins an elite group of previous winners including Sandy Scott, Bill Owen, Howard Terpning, and G. Harvey to name a few.

Please come celebrate America's Western history through art.  For more information on the Briscoe's, "Night of the Artists" visit their web page at


We are very excited to announce that two artists represented by J. R. Mooney Galleries were invited to this year's very prestigious "Night of the Artists".  Mark Keathley is a familiar face at the Briscoe for this event and Cliff Cavin will be making his 8th appearance in 2015.  Both of these artists are true craftsmen representing the ideals and beauty of a history we are incredibly proud of.  For a preview of the kind of work that will be shown at the exhibit, you can visit both locations of J. R. Mooney Galleries in San Antonio and Boerne.
Click the online catalogs for a survey of current artworks available by Cliff Cavin and Mark Keathley at J.R. Mooney Galleries Fine Art.
We are pleased to introduce Katherine Shevchenko.  She was born in San Antonio, TX.  Her art studies began at the San Francisco Academy of Art University and continued to the University of Texas at San Antonio where she received her Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in Painting.  She has varied experience in the arts from interning as a curatorial assistant at Southwest School of Art to teaching art to students of all ages. Currently, she is an art consultant/framing designer at our Boerne location.  Outside of work she enjoys spending quality time in her art studio painting, the company of family and friends, and being in nature. 

Second Saturday Art & Wine - Boerne

Seth Camm Florals
Jan. 10, 2014
4 pm - 8 pm
JAN 10
2nd Saturday Art & Wine -  Featured work by San Antonio Artist of the year 2014, Seth Camm  - Boerne - 2nd Saturday Boerne
JAN 16
Alamo Kiwanis Western Heritage Art Show -  Featured work by J. R. Mooney Gallery artists, Bill Scheidt, Sidney Sinclair, and Donald Yena  - Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center - Lonesome Dove Room  - Kiwanis Art Show
FEB 14
2nd Saturday Art & Wine -  Boerne "Dyad" - Featured work by Sidney Sinclair and Bill Scheidt,  J. R. Mooney Gallery artists  - Boerne - 2nd Saturday Boerne
FEB 21 - 22
On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour -  This annual event is celebrating its 8th year.  It consists of more than 80 featured artists (including Cody Vance and Russell Stephenson), plus more than 200 visual, literary and performing artists who participate in official group shows and other special events.   It features two full days of open studios that offer visitors the rare opportunity to interact with artists in their work space - San Antonio - On and Off Fredericksburg
MAR 14
2nd Saturday Art & Wine -  MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW FOR THIS EVENT - world renowned artist represented by J. R. Mooney galleries, Thomas Arvid will be here for event featuring his work - Boerne - 2nd Saturday Boerne
MAR 28 - APR 26
Night of the Artists - Hosted in the beautiful Jack Guenther Pavillion at the Briscoe.  The exhibition will showcase over 60 of the country's top Western artists including Cliff Cavin and Mark Keathley of J. R. Mooney Galleries! The art sale will take place on Saturday, March 28, 2015.  There will be a cocktail reception, dinner and live entertainment.  The sale will be followed by a month long exhibition - THE BRISCOE Western Art Museum - San Antonio  - Night of the Artists
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