Friday, March 20, 2015

Autumn Daze in Boerne


   “Autumn Daze” is an oil painting created by Boerne artist Sidney Sinclair that epitomizes the serenity of the golden sun’s light as it envelopes the landscape in lingering warmth.  Sinclair’s landscapes evolve from within-they are a creative exercise in expressing sentiment towards appreciating and participating in the wonderment of life’s beauty.  

The sky is vivid with a radiant glow that is gently reflected back on the water’s surface peacefully intermingling with the sky’s delicate blues. 

  The dry grasses and the foliage deeply immersed in shadow seem to exist in solemnity, a stillness that quietly is witnessing the sun gently making its exit from the landscape.  There is languidness in the air, a temperate daze, as nature prepares for the slumber of winter.

© Katherine Shevchenko , Art Consultant/Framing Designer

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