Saturday, April 4, 2015

Unique Jack White serigraphs with gold leaf

Jack White, “All You Need, Hombre”, 
3 serigraphs, 4” x 5” 
Custom framing done by 
J.R. Mooney Galleries- Boerne Staff 

Jack White is a quintessential Texas artist whose painting career accelerated quickly from a modest start to being a top contender in the arts field as a portrait painter. His commissions include luminaries such as President Lyndon Johnson, Pat Robertson, Tom Landry and other notable Texas political and sports figures. 

His art career was unexpectedly placed on hiatus due to injury from an auto accident. In order to deal with the pain of not painting; he turned his focus to writing, authoring self help art marketing books geared towards struggling artists and Texas historical fiction. 

Mr. White’s accolades and honors include being awarded Texas state artist in 1975 and receiving lifelong membership to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.

 “All You Need, Hombre” is a collaboration of the staff at J.R. Mooney Galleries-Boerne, who handpicked this selection of three Jack White Enchruseos for their subject matter that symbolize the classic Texas cowboy necessities to be custom framed, highlighting their rustic uniqueness.  Enchruseo (pronounced Ek-Crus-os) is a method of adhering gold leaf to the back of plexiglass/glass that has been hand printed with a black ink serigraph print. This method was invented by Jack White during the 1970’s.  

He chose the name “Enchruseo” from a combination of Greek words ek (out of) crus (gold) and ous (having been done) which combined means ‘out of gold having been done.’   His last Enchruseo was produced in 1978.  

"All You Need, Hombre" is currently at $250.00

J.R. Mooney Galleries has an inventory of various small scale Enchruseos available for sale.  Be sure to stop by the Boerne gallery location for a unique opportunity to own a one of a kind art piece by a true Texas original.        

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