Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mindful of the Minimal Painting

Mindful of the Minimal

A Return to Basics with a Twist

There is a long standing trend in interior design.  Currently consumers are enjoying art that was in the past used only in sleek and very minimalistic settings.  The freshness in today’s environments comes from the eclectic mix.  Cottage, industrial, traditional, or classic collections benefit from the unexpected.

It is partly the color and composition; but, it is also the mood and ambiance of joy, sophistication, tranquility, playfulness, and confidence.   Art selection is very personal and has the possibility of making a room into a showcase of favorite things.  Be sure to choose something your love and that might be unpredictable.

Misty Stillness by R. Scott is an example of a unique style that can be transitional art for traditional aesthetics.  His style is softer and more natural if the issue is simply that one does not think bright colors would work.  R. Scott has chosen smooth paint application that supports his gentle view of nature. It is as though he was relaxed, unhurried, and had a precious moment to share.

Sometimes what is not there is equally as important.  In this case there is nothing heavy or turbulent in its composition. The focal point is the sunlight and its reflection on the water which is an invitation to savor every inch of the canvas.  The vertical reflections are warmer in tone and contrast with the wispy clouds and vegetation that is horizontal and the tree line is in keeping with the grassy area as both are minimally detailed.

Misty Stillness is neither too abstract, yet offers simplicity of recognizable detail and could be that special addition to a personal setting.  In its simplicity there is strength of mood and ambiance.

By: Betty Houston

Art / Interior Design Consultant JR Mooney Galleries-Boerne

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