Thursday, December 10, 2015

Art Consultant's Spotlight: "The Toy Shop" by G. Harvey

“The Toy Shop” is a holiday scene that is still very familiar to parents and grandparents alike today. Even though the piece depicts another time, all viewers can relate to the feeling created by the work. Snow covers the turn of the twentieth century town.  The shorter day has passed and twilight falls upon the streets. The glow from the lamps and lights in the stores create a cozy atmosphere for the people out shopping. They wrap up their errands and prepare to return to the warmth of their homes and love of their families. The protagonist in this scene is a small child who has accompanied his father on this cold wintry day. The child stands at the window of a toy shop. He gently pulls at his father’s coat and points to something in the window. The father, lovingly attentive to the child, already has a rather large wrapped gift in hand. However, the little one has spied something in the window, just one more thing he wants for Christmas. With childlike urgency, he tugs at his father’s coat to make sure he knows the importance of the coveted item. The father placates him, as all parents or grandparents do, with his attention. Maybe what the child wants is already wrapped up in the father’s arms. Perhaps it’s waiting to be put under the tree and to be discovered as a gift from Santa Claus on Christmas day. The child’s coat is red, the only figure not dressed in black, representing the predominant color of the holiday season and the color of Santa’s coat. It also symbolizes the excitement of youth. He is the only figure to face the viewer, and it is delightful to feel the impression of his smile, the wide-eyed wonder and excitement that the holiday season brings out in children and in us all, no matter the time.
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