Friday, June 17, 2016

Sunset on the Water with Painter, Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas was born in Sea-Hung City, Korea in 1959. He began early in life to show an interest in art. Beginning with pencil sketches of nudes and landscapes at age fifteen, he developed his talent for art. By the age of nineteen, he had switched over to oil painting and was successful in developing many landscapes. Matt studied art at Korean Art Studio and graduated in 1977.

Thomas derives influence and inspiration from the Korean impressionistic, realistic painters and some of the early folk artists like Jung-Sub Lee and Su-Kun Park. Each of his works are carefully crafted with attention to the details of craftsmanship, perspective, color, contrast, movement, and balance. There is nothing mysterious about my objective in a painting. 

Quite simply, I try and hold a moment in a time and a location of interest to me and enhance the mood of the scene by use of color, light, and placement. I hope the view will share that feeling and perhaps review his or her appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us daily in this world.

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