Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Works by Margie Barker


Margie Barker has several new cactus paintings available now at JR Mooney Galleries of Fine Art in Boerne. She has released three small 6” x 8” and three 8” x 6” artworks that showcase her traditional subject matter, the beautiful prickly pear cactus that surrounds her Hill Country home. These pieces depict the cacti close up and with blooms. The blooms range from the usual red and yellow to deep purple and combinations of colors.

 The new small works are affordable, and at $235 framed, they will sell out as quickly as previously released sets.
detail from Cactus Wren

 In addition to the cacti paintings, Barker has a rare gem available. Her habitat painting, Cactus Wren, is a unique depiction of the bird and its nest. Birds are rare subject matter for Barker; she has only painted one other in her career.  Barbs and Bobs, made in the 1980’s, showed three quail birds nesting among yellow blossom prickly pear cacti.

Cactus Wren is an 18” x 24” framed original acrylic painting by Margie Barker available at JR Mooney Galleries of Fine Art for $1014.00. Reasonably priced, it is an opportunity for a sharp-eyed collector to acquire an original Barker with unique subject matter. It is overall a lovely painting.  Set among prickly pear cacti, the tightly coiled twigs and stems form the bird’s home. The wren, which Barker depicts with detailed accuracy, is perched on the cactus pad, poised to settle inside the nest. What is also unique about the works is Barker’s uses of a darker color palette to render her skies and shadows. Typically, her cacti scenes show the bright blue Texas sky with or without clouds. By contrast, in these paintings she explores hues of grey and dark blues that she attributes to the stormy skies present when she captured her images and while she worked on the paintings.

 Call or come by the gallery in Boerne to view and pick up an early holiday gift or make an addition to a collection.

These prized works will not be around for long!

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