Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tonkawa Reprisal by Jay Hester

"Tonkawa Reprisal", by Jay Hester, 24" x 36", oil on Canvas, $9,900.00

Call 830-816-5106 to inquire about purchasing.

Tonkawa Reprisal
Oil on canvas
24” x 36

Gicleé Reproductions/ Signed and Numbered limited editions of 10
·         24” x 36” gicleé reproductions available at $950.00
·         24” x 36” embellished gicleé reproductions available at $1,250.00

After the 1840 Comanche raid at the Linnville, TX warehouses, the Indians adorned themselves and their horses in ribbons of calico and silk, as well as hats and other assorted clothing they confiscated.  Texas Rangers and local settlers formed a battle ready militia near Plum Creek to ambush the returning Comanche, recover the loot and punish them for their raid. Settlers also recruited members of the Tonkawa tribe to act as scouts and report the location of the Linnville Looters as they traveled northward.  The scouts were told to tie white strips of cloth to their arms or head to identify them as allies. The Comanche may have had no fiercer enemy than the Tonkawa.

"I resolved some of my interpretive matters with the story by having a Tonkawa scout observing the Comanche looters from a hiding place.  I had dreams about the position of the observer.”
Jay Hester


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