Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hill Country Windows

"Retama Ranch" by Lona Bell

Driving along Interstate 10 last week I caught my first glimpse of bluebonnets this season. Each spring these majestic flowers color the highways of Texas bringing smiles to daily commuters (thank you, Ladybird!). By now they are popping up in all sorts of places, picturesque fields, sides of the highways and in parks and private yards.  People from all over flock to roadsides looking for the perfect patch to take family photos in and admire these wildflowers. This seasonal beauty is not only the subject of Instagram feeds and Facebook pages; it is also coveted on canvas. For a more permanent look, bluebonnets scenes make great Texas landscape paintings. They are one of the gallery’s most requested subject matter. Currently, J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art has a variety of quality bluebonnet paintings in various sizes. First is a landscape by San Antonio artist Lona Bell. Her “Retama Ranch” is large and is an exquisite depiction of the flowers lining a pathway home. “Bluebonnet Hillside” by Jung Yoon is even larger than Bell’s painting. His massive 48”x36” piece shows a bluebonnet patch disappearing into a golden sunset. The dramatic sunset lighting and the dominant deep blue hues of the flowers make this painting a powerful piece that is perfect for a foyer, library or other space where it may take center stage. For smaller pieces, Texas artists Margie Barker and Cliff Cavin have bluebonnet paintings ranging in size from 5”x7” up to 18”x36”. Their light, impressionistic style is a breath of fresh air, just like opening a window in the Hill Country. Visit J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art today to open your own Hill Country window and add a little spring to a permanent collection.

"Little Stream" by Margie Barker

"Bluebonnet Hillside" by Jung Yoon

"South of Town" by Cliff Cavin

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