Friday, August 4, 2017

New Arthur McCall Paintings now at J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art

Bloomed Out by Arthur McCall

Arthur McCall has consigned new paintings to J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art. These fine works are now available for purchase at the gallery. The first is a beautiful cactus floral painting; the second depicts a typical rural Texas landscape. The third is an architectural painting of the Mission San Jose in San Antonio. Arthur McCall’s works display the regional beauty and culture of South Texas.

The cactus floral is titled “Bloomed Out.” It is a 24”x18” vertically oriented oil painting. McCall chose soft yellow and sherbet for his floral palette to create the voluptuous buds that surround the fastidious cacti. They grow against a barbed wire wooden fence post. The result is a floral painting with a Western twist. Instead of the traditional vase and table, McCall presents his bouquet in more rustic setting. The details in this South Texas landscape make it special. The needles of the cactus are pointy and the sparse wheat grass growing in wisps around the succulent are rendered so sharply that the painting is photorealistic.  

Remember When by Arthur McCall
The rural Texas road scene is typical McCall subject matter seen in the next painting “Remember When.” Anyone who has driven the rural roads of South Texas is familiar with this homestead scene. McCall includes a windmill, a dilapidated barn, a rusty pickup truck and a sprawling cactus patch. The trees around the windmill are bare and the grass is brown, indicating that this is a winter scene. The painting is also a vertical, sized 24”x18”.

Finally, McCall gives us a beautiful rendition of Mission San Juan. One of the less depicted missions, Mission San Juan makes great subject matter. In “Bells of San Juan” McCall chose to paint an interesting viewpoint of this mission, showing off the belfry and the back brick work supporting the mission. It is a unique perspective and in a market thoroughly saturated with paintings of the Alamo and mission San José it is a refreshing reminder of the other historical landmarks of San Antonio. This architectural piece makes an eye catching addition to a San Antonio Missions collection. “Bells of San Juan” is also a vertical and sized 24”x18”.  
Bells of San Juan by Arthur McCall
Arthur McCall is essentially a self taught artist. He attended a commercial art school but discontinued his studies to join the Army Infantry Division during the Vietnam War. He returned to Texas and attended the Texas Game Warden Academy at Texas University and became a commissioned Game Warden in 1969. He was assigned to Atascosa County in 1971 and was the Game Warden there until 2012 when he retired after 43 years of service. He is an avid outdoorsman. J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art has handled his consignment work since 1984. Call or stop by the gallery for further inquiries.   


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