Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lavender by the Sea by Adams

Lavender by the Sea

As Impressionism makes a resurgence in the collected corners of the Art Market- every once in a while an unknown artist will shine through the hodge-podge of copy cat artists. Adams is one such artist.

Recent acquisitions at the J.R. Mooney Fine Art Galleries include a pictorial hit by this relatively unfamiliar artist-Adams.  Lavender by the Sea is a true masterpiece in all the artistically exemplified connotations; obtuse angles, complementary color juxtapositions and elegantly rendered skylines and traditional landscape elements.

Grounding the painting from the bottom vantage point are heavy weighted lavender fields; deep rows of purple accented by the rising sun’s warming rays make amethyst-esque highlights on the foreground frays. This secondary color scheme guides the viewer’s eye into the middle ground of neatly farmed vegetation. Balanced and bookended by two groups of early autumn tree groupings, the scarlet tones of the leaves act as punches and pops of vivid color in an otherwise tertiary Color scheme.

Although Adams paints in a few cottages within the vertical landscape, these are diminutive in importance, dominated by the metamorphosis of the changing of seasons.

Impeding on the upper left quadrant of Lavender by the Sea is the deep cerulean abyss of a Mediterranean maritime.  Daunting in its own presence, the waterline juts into the dissipating mountain background, adding that touch of allure; a focal point and mid horizon line, the simplistic composition holds together like a well played checkmate.

Adams is one to watch as he perfects his talent, bringing forth a fresh appeal with vibrant colors, quick gestures and traditional compositions.

Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant
J. R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art / 8302 Broadway / San Antonio, TX. 78209 / 210.828.8214

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