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Thomas Arvid at J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art

Sip and Sign 
Thomas Arvid
J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art and The Boerne Wine Company is proud to announce the Art Exhibition and Event- “Sip and Sign” with Artist Thomas Arvid.
Join J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art and the Boerne Wine Company as they welcome Artist Thomas Arvid to Boerne, Texas for an exhibition opening coupled with an intimate Meet-and- Greet with the Artist.  This celebratory one night affair will include a unique opportunity to purchase limited-edition and hand-signed Glicee prints of the beloved “Cellar Selections” – Wine Bottle and Glasses painting series of Thomas Arvid.

--“Arvid is passionate about art and wine: a collector of both, he strives to capture the pleasure of a life well-lived on each canvas. The self-taught artist insists that wine should be approachable; his paintings are an embodiment of the casual way that we enjoy wine today.”                                    
                                                                                                                                    - (Artist Website:

Artistic Sommelier Conveys Intimate Winery Aesthetic

--Gabriel Diego Delgado, San Antonio

J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art hosts “Sip and Sign” event with International Artist Thomas Arvid

Walking into the Fine Art Gallery of J. R. Mooney on Boerne’s quaint but tantalizing S. Main Street; one can see the small town charm displaced by the international splendor of a time honed art aesthetic.  Exquisitely capturing the gallery’s own artistic nomenclature is the selected works of Thomas Arvid.  Giclée prints on display for the “Sip and Sign” event that took place on Saturday, April 28, 2012 served up whimsical notions of southern hospitality and charm. Upon entering the space and greeting the viewer, was a large Thomas Arvid giclée print positioned on an easel acting as an almost ostentatious concierge, but inviting you into an environment of intimate sentimentality.

When viewing the gallery’s presentation – wine, wine glasses, wine corks, bottle labels, and cork screws seem to haphazardly litter the two dimensional composition of the prints and originals of artist Thomas Arvid.   Known as a self proclaimed Wine Aficionado and often mislabeled Photo-Realist, Arvid’s humble charm alludes to an artist comfortable in his own prestige and high profile career.

Curated solely for the “Sip and Sign” event, Mr. Mooney and the staff at J. R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art have mindfully appropriated an area within the Boerne gallery for the 14 giclée prints and two original artworks; sequestering them for maximum visual impact and viewer immersion.  

Spotlighting the Thomas Arvid exhibition at J. R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art is an original, but untitled mixed-media piece. This artwork is a contemporary throwback and “tip of the hat” to what Arvid passionately explains as an artistic gesture-inspired by the heyday of color highlights experimentations of Black and White photography.

Deliberate in his composition, gestural mark-making and subtle but striking color highlights, Arvid knows how to allow the viewer to enter into his lyrically liquor-esque world of art. The multi-media aspects of the newly acquired untitled original can be seen in Arvid’s calculated assertion to show the pencil and charcoal layers that would ordinarily be covered in the “Photo-Realist” venture of the painting process. Arvid comments on this decision as a way to express and illustrate a “sure-handedness” of technique and confidence of artistic quality.  Reminiscent of Arvid’s signature compositional themes, this exhibition highlight stays true to form with no one element- the wine bottle, the glass or the corkscrew (perfumed with its newly corked wooden asset) acting as the main focal point within the work. 

With the polished baby blue corkscrew diagonal in the lower left corner, the picture plane is bunged by the metallic hue only to draw the viewer to the impenetrable and buoyant subset bark of the cork itself.  Continuing on the viewing journey, the wooden element is matched by its own reflection in the tonal and highlighted Faust label on the bottle; the only hard edged fully linear constituent in the work.  Unfinished in its own striking glory and appeal the wine glass ripples with subtle vibrations as the conversations of those in the room seem to have an effect on the viscosity of the wine poured.

Like a Spartan Warrior, Arvid is in proper form with the untitled work- being sure to formulate interrupted lines, skewed angles, and layered perspectives to harmonize the overall gestalt of the work.

Overall and obsessively obvious in his artistic grandeur, Arvid carefully crafts paintings with intervallic lines and non-conforming compositional esplanades; avenues and visual clues that present the viewer with an ability to feel as though they are joining the artist in his own studio, house or dinner table.  He wants the audience to have a sense they can metaphysically reach into his painting and pick up the glass and drink the wine or rotate the bottle of wine to read the label; all without feeling self-conscious about an underlying “do not touch” taboo in this often misconstrued and misconceived elitist realm of art and wine.

However, one does need to take the time to see the 5 other giclée prints on display across the street at the appropriately suitable chateau-ish venue- The Boerne Wine Company. A Co-Sponsor of this event, The Boerne Wine Company adds additional artistic partnership power and a sense of S. Main St. family commerce unity; a genuinely symbiotic joint venture a chic new trend being seen in mainstream gallery affairs.

The “Sip and Sign” event at J. R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art proves to be a fashionably appropriate exhibition highlighting the romanticism of the Arvid Winery magnetism.

Thomas Arvid’s giclée prints will stay on display at both J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art; including the San Antonio location at 8302 Broadway San Antonio, Texas 78209 and 305 S. Main St. Boerne, Texas 78006. For more information call 210-828-8214 or 830-816-5106.

Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant
J. R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art / 8302 Broadway / San Antonio, TX. 78209 / 210.828.8214,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas,%20Thomas

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