Friday, August 3, 2012

Mountain Stream

D.S. Kim

Mountain Stream

48 x 36

D.S. Kim, a painter born in 1961 in South Korea has steadily increased his talent and reputation after receiving his degree from Dong A. University of Art.  Alternating between the traditional landscape paintings, Venetian street scenes and coastal seascapes, Kim has found a viable niche in his craft.  Mountain Stream encompasses a new vitality with his successful attempt to illustrate the rushing water of a mountain spring; as it roars over ‘choppy’ rapids.  Violent marks of white anchor the composition to the acute eye level stance.  Nature is addressed in a cool color palette, accented with truths of warm hue tinges. Slightly upward, the perspective exemplifies the angular viewing as Kim places the viewer downstream, in the middle of the river- looking upstream; locked in the rushing mountainous irrigate. Yellow ochres, orpiment, and golden radiance make the leaves, brush, and vegetation glow with a ‘qenyt’ and ‘nebw’ aurora of autumn brusque.

Balanced on the right and left, with an ominous waterfall in the central configuration, Kim has delivered on an Impressionistic painting that is both expressive in genre as well as sensibility.  Kim has epitomized the sometimes irregular changes of nature as temperatures drop, leaves fall, and life continues on- sight unseen.

-Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant
J.R. Mooney Galleries

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