Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quiet Time by Arthur McCall

Swatches of Bluebonnets, check…Windmill, check…Barn, check…scenic hill country landscape, check…Worn pathway, check. 

Hold on Mr. McCall…What’s this?

“Something unexpected!”

Settling in the middle of this quite solitude of countryside seclusion is a pleasant surprise by Texas artist, Arthur McCall. Known more as a realist more than an impressionist, Arthur loosens up his meticulous artistic methodology and gives us a foggy haze of bellowing brume; nestling down upon the lush and dense tree line and mountain ridge.

Bearing the brunt of the early morning dew as well as an emotional nostalgia for yonder years, McCall’s lackadaisical fog, landscape and painterly passions evoke the true essence of what impressionism painting should be- Evocations of personal appeal.

With the windmill left of center, the mountain valley dips to almost kiss the treetops.  A winding pathway snakes through the blossoming underbrush, arriving at the center point at the horizon line; fragments that anchor the central focal point.  Cool and warm earth tones balance the composition- easing the visual transition from the crumbling rock wall on the left and rocky mountain plateau on the right. ©

-Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant
JR Mooney Galleries

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