Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dawn by X. Song Jiang


-X. Song Jiang

“Dawn” is a 4” x 6” oil painting on wood panel by Xiao Song Jiang; painted En plein air or in the open air- onsite at the harbor. This miniature masterpiece conjures a mixed emotion of early light sentimentality with crisp air and cool breathes. An overall cool color palette and minimal hue arraignments, Jiang’s craftiness rests in his  ability to make use of the token browns, reds, blues and yellows to accentuate aspects of subject matters and natural aura. Part knife, part brush; the quick gestures of the impressionistic qualities mimic an over-obsessed manic capturing movement, emotion, and elegance.

Great detail was laid to rest in the harbor shimmering reflections of the vessel in the morning light; godly grace that is peeking over the misty background brume.

With the horizon line set in the middle of the composition, Dawn’s yellow enflame above the perfectly aligned masts and sails of the backgrounds fleet draws your eye up into the expanding blue abyss. However, complementing this celestial sky is the reciprocating compositional base area anchored with glistening jest of reflective squiggles; offering reflections adrift in chilly channel montages of calming waves of cool color.


©Gabriel Diego Delgado

Art Consultant, JR Mooney Galleries

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