Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Miniature Expressions

J. Gabriel
12" x 16"
Oil on Canvas

Expressionistic Abstract Art is a dime a dozen in an over-saturated art market. Pseudo-artists can mimic this replicate-able genre, movement and try to imitate the core of a coveted artistic and intrinsic spiritual intention. But, when intangible abstract discourse is found in the context of South Korean impressionists; it takes on a more interesting analysis. J. Gabriel, a relatively unknown international artist is a lone rogue painter delivering with a multitude of expressionistic paintings that are almost always deliberately  and slightly offset “t’s” and “x’s”- full of emotion in a limited palette of  reds whites, blues, blacks and grays.  Gabriel intentionally tones down the hues to deliver a punch of gestural mark making. A straightforward cross concerto helps present a simplistic compositional arraignment, minus any subliminal undercurrents of politics, parodies, and conceptual allotments found in a majority of contemporary artwork.  This fresh breath of paint thinner laced air exemplifies the reason simple works. However, juxtaposed on this artistically derived minimal hypothesis is the visual play of multilayered pigments of color.  Smeared, raked, and scraped paint by way of palette knife shows the artist’s quick movement, his jerk of instinctive mark making. The blood red peers through blues, violets and blacks as it invades the visual fa├žade. Demanding attention the white is a spiritual rival to the crimson anger.  Accidental color combinations, amoebic shapes, and speckled blotches of opaque color make for a miniature success of a 1960’s era throwback.    

© Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant, JR Mooney Galleries

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