Friday, December 28, 2012

Hidden Falls by Charles Pabst

“Hidden Falls”

 Charles Pabst
32" x 48"
Giclee  No. 22/50

-Gabriel Diego Delgado, San Antonio 

"Hidden Falls"

-----Center point compositions are usually banal and uninteresting. Why spoon-feed a compositional array of visual ingredients to the layman or self-appeased viewer?

But, Hold that Thought!…..In Charles Pabst’s new Giclee releases of his current art market collections; “Hidden Falls” stands out as an eloquently whispered soliloquy of sensational thought. This simple arrangement of balanced tree line landscape novelty forces one to question the innocent single point perspective that drives your eye straight into the timidly tiered waterfall. I can regard Pabst of being a “Seasonal Shah” of impressionistic autumn and fall majesty.  His T. Kinkade-esque approach to sensational landscape paintings opt for a simplistic manner of understanding and appreciations. The foreground, middle and back all line up in a proper pattern of textbook elegance. Overly straightforward this type of aesthetic is the most basic and uncomplicated way for all of us to appreciate talent and intent.

However, audacious are his choices of color palette; over-emphasizing the decision for gallant golds, tantalizing tangerines, boisterous bolds of seasonal hues- reflective of specific geographical locations (mostly Arizona).

With a center of ambient sunlight blanketing the “v”- shaped core of the painting, Pabst relies on one elegant but conceptual line of light filled intensity to draw you in. A mystical moment of perfect celestial swathe of warm and inviting sunlit aubade caresses you as you enter this aura of painterly sensuality.

“Hidden Falls” harks back to time spent alone with his beloved wife exploring unbeaten paths for the perfect hidden treasures. Mission accomplished Mr. Pabst. Limited to an edition of only 50, this hidden gem in the new releases has a small print edition that makes for a coveted acquisition.

©Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant
JR Mooney Galleries: ph. 210-828-8214

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  1. I really like his style and colors. And it is a great waterfall! So is the other one at the top.


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