Monday, December 17, 2012

How viewing art is affected by current disasters in media

 Oil on canvas
30” x 40”

“Memories” by Clifton, a South Korean painter, hits home with a timely rendition for a self-reflective moment of grief and unfortunately impenetrable sorrow that mirrors the media news with a traditional mundane and trivial topic.

Busted bamboo stilts, ruggedly dispersed wooden slats and piers in shambles can be evidence of a monstrous disaster culled from the tsunami season, post earthquake calculations or global warming super-cells.  These are not positive memories of an older generation of long days of lore, but recent accolades of freshly imprinted destruction-tragic memories of additional devastation. Shimming water reflects the cerulean sky, with a minimal murkiness that adds the mysticism of the moment. As in today’s tragic tales of domestic and international terrorism, unfathomable annihilations of place, people and things, our immediate recognition is of depression for unseen populations affected by such circumstances.  Secured in the lower right corner, the bamboo pier lies unusable, metaphorically a being’s soul, damaged from affected monstrosities; a psyche flirting with PTSD- in a day and age of savageness, incomprehensible evils and unforeseen climate patterns.

©Gabriel Diego Delgado

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