Monday, July 15, 2013

Keep Pourin the Wine Mr. Arvid .........

First Pour
Thomas Arvid
60” x 18”
11/40 enhanced giclee
Quintessa Wine label

First Pour, the newest giclee edition released by Thomas Arvid pays homage to a Napa Valley label (Quintessa) with its signature angular perspective and compositional completeness- glass, bottle, and corkscrew.  Arvid proceeds with deliberate off-the-canvas slants that seem to stunt the elements in a seemingly haphazard tipsy aesthetic-an Arvid tilted room effect.

Picture perfect painterly renditions capture the hyperrealism version of this studio set-up that spotlights the reflections in the wine glass, the shimmer of the liquid, and metallic silver finishes; obsessively seamless ovals, curves, and ellipses portray the physicality of this still-life better than a photograph ever could.

Over the past few years Thomas Arvid has celebrated his first museum exhibition, "Arvid: Reflecting the Good Life," at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art in Marietta, Georgia; in addition to successfully shutting down a Chinese counterfeit ring that was flooding the art market with fakes and forgeries.

It’s rumored that Arvid has a 7 year waiting list on original paintings.  Understandably, he works wherever he can, even doing watercolor sketches and paintings on the plane flights as he travels back and forth from California and other wine sponsored events.

Showing strength in size, First Pour measures a larger than life 60” x 18”, making for a vertical masterpiece that admiringly displays the vintage; a stunning selection any wine connoisseur would enjoy.

First Pour can be purchased at J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art. Call 210.828.8214 for pricing.

©Gabriel Diego Delgado

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