Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tragedy of a Neo-Expressionist

Neo Expressionism -- a continuation or progression from the Abstract Expressionism movement aligns with similar ideologies, characteristics and aesthetics of the American claimed school; color intensity, automatic painterly response to automatic drawing, emotional color outpours, and full body gestures.

From color field painting to action painting, the New York artists of 1940’s- 1960’s made a name for themselves after World War II.

C. Nesvadba

Neo Expressionists took to presenting more recognizable subjects, but still dealing with topics and themes in an emotionally charged approach, relying on remarkably intense hues and studious color compositions.

The artwork of Christian Nesvadba celebrates all that is Neo Expressionism, with his semi abstract flower compositions that seem to emit a radiant botanical bounty of color.

Draped in bloodshot crimson and powerful reds, Nesvadba’s color palette invigorates an emotional response.

In Abstract in Multicolors, puffs of light blue and yellow ochre highlights bounce around the inflamed hues that electrify the composition, giving us refreshing bursts of playfulness among intense emotional repose.

Slate greys, muted muddiness and absence of color anchor the painting -- a heavy blanket covering the lower half that make the upper rubicund section seem to float; held up by the black gestural lines within the thick haze of palette scrapes and brashness.

Although the selections appear to be bouquets of flowers, Nesvadba conceals their identity in abstract amorphousness. The squiggles, automatic mark making and linear scribbles attach themselves to the base of the ambiguous blobs, reminiscent of a Cy Twombly-like fashion of writing.

With a life, cut short by a tragic fatal car accident, Christian Nesvadba’ s paintings will only escalate in value due to his signature look, quality of work, and shortened exhibition history – including solo exhibitions in Salzburg and Linz, and a select showing at the  Galerie Otto in Vienna.

© Gabriel Diego Delgado/  J R Mooney Galleries

Christian Nesvadba
Abstract in Multicolors
24” x 31”
$4,815 w/frame
Oil on Canvas

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