Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Framing Pic of the Day 9-25-2013

People are always asking

 “How much is it to frame a painting, a family photo, etc. etc.?"

 ....So we have put together a nice selection of samples with approx. pricing to show you the affordability of framing your treasures.

Each price is approx. price and is only a sample based on current costs, excluding fitting fees and material availability. Sample price does not include mat, glass or any other additional stacking or molding samples unless otherwise stated.

The classic black samples

If you would want your 8” x 10” image framed in these black classics, price ranges would be:

·         $61.00 without glass to $111.00 with glass for the Top selection
·         $110 without glass to $173 with glass for the Middle selection
·         $276 without glass to $382 with glass for the Bottom selection

Call us today at 830-816-5106 for your framing needs

We will continue to bring you framing selections every few days as we spotlight the current moldings available at J.R. Mooney Galleries

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