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Sidney Sinclair promoted by the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce publication

Sidney Sinclair
J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne

Sidney Sinclair was featured by the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce with an article written by Gabriel Diego Delgado, for her artwork at J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne. 

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Sidney Sinclair
J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne

By: Gabriel Diego Delgado
Gallery Director

A cancer survivor, Sinclair works through her personal experiences with disease, sickness, acceptance of an ephemeral life, medical recovery, and an onward attitude in a new body of artwork that pays homage to her attitude about life and the precious moments we share collectively, personally, and universally.  From crosses to abstraction to scenic renditions of the world around her, Sinclair captures each with new eyes – ones of a survivor who looks at things a little different. 

Collectable scenes that were reminiscent of Venetian paradises complete with adorned doorways, paths, balconies, and architecture, landed Sidney onto the collections of prominent Texas Art aficionados. However, life courses outside of her control would alter her outlook and transform her artwork into a new self-reflective epiphany of sorts – abandoning quasi-obsessive detailing, she intuitively captures vast plains with feathered swatches of color; landscapes that are part dream, part referential, but wholly Sinclair.
Staying true to tradition Sinclair makes sure light, romance, and mystery are integral feelings depicted throughout her dreamy, hazy, airy, and ephemeral landscapes.

Sidney Sinclair also draws on extensive art historical connotations of Catholic Iconology, mixing a personal story with contemporary geometric images. The holy symbol of atonement and contemporary Christian icon is now being used by contemporary artists who have taken its form and used it in a fine art, home d├ęcor and visual aesthetic. Sinclair has been drawn to the image of the cross as her illness weighed heavy on her mortality. She was conscious of the coded, loaded and perceptive qualities of the cross, knowing its full repertoire of language, personal afflictions, and individual connectedness for her audience. These shapes are at times a recognizable mark filled with religious overtones, while on the other hand some are deliberately missing the overt iconology and relishing in the pure abstraction of symmetrical shapes

Sidney earned her Bachelors of Arts Degree at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, with a short stint at the Warren Hunter School of Art in Texas.  This fourth generation Texan has studied with international, national, and regional artists. Sidney studied watercolor under Darrell Trott of Australia, and oil painting with artists David Leffel and Gregg Kruetz of the Art Student League in New York City; rounding out a stellar academic course of still life and portraiture with artist nationally recognized galleriest and Western Painter, Jay Hester of Highland House Gallery, Boerne, Texas.

Sidney`s work has appeared in American Art Review, Country Lifestyle, and Food & Leisure magazines. She has shown at the Alamo Kiwanis Annual Invitational Art Show, the Western Art Invitational, and the Texas Hill Country Invitational at Tapatio Springs Resort, the Boerne Parade of Artists, and the annual Art Walk in San Antonio. Sidney was featured at the Bright Shawl, participated in the American Heart Association fundraiser, and One Woman Shows in San Antonio, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sidney`s work is collected by art collectors throughout the United States and Europe.

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