Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cliff Cavin's Perdenales in Boerne

Perdenales Sky
30 x 40"
Cliff Cavin

Perdenales Autumn
30 x 30"
Cliff Cavin

Cliff Cavin visually nourishes the viewer of the Perdenales Valley with two views of autumn: that time of year when nature offers the abundance of color that invigorates optimism. The seasonal view is fleeting as seen in the contrast of the two paintings. The leaves and water lessen in quantity, but the time of day offers beauty that only the setting sun can embrace. The oranges, yellows, and purples of the skyline repeat the colors of autumn found in the vegetation and beckon us to another cycle of daylight and beauty in the Texas Hill Country.

In Perdenales Sky the harmony of evening is in deep saturated tones as nightfall arrives. The meandering river leads diagonally to the burst of fall color, to the gorge, the plateau and finally the sky. The rough terrain is punctuated by native growth that seeks moisture in the rain faceted rugged elevations leading upward to the clear sky.

In Perdenales Autumn
the smooth reflecting water is enclosed by rough textured boulders and a stand of trees in seasonal color. As the trees curve one is invited beyond that which is seen. The curve is balanced by a tree and shadows as a forerunner. In juxtaposition a much larger singular tree stands guard as if to announce welcome to the change of season. The two painting by Cliff Cavin document in artistic form the passing of time and the changes that only a natural life force can produce. We are privileged to share his view, the bold and jubilant strokes of paint, and the optimism in which Cliff invites us. The two paintings honor change and time and embrace the desire to acknowledge it as Cliff Cavin shares his impression of the Perdenales Valley. 

-Betty Houston
Sales Consultant
J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art, Boerne

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