Thursday, November 21, 2013

Newly Rediscovered/ Uncovered Spanish Underworlds by Jose Vives-Atsara

A Delightful Duo of Unique Cavernous Compositions of Cave Drach
(Circa. 1962-1964 and valued at $22,000.00/each)
Available for purchase at J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne

Cuevas del Drach and Cave Mallorca, two large semi-abstract paintings by San Antonio painter, Jose Vives-Atsara bring a unique underworld and cavernous depiction of hidden beauty; undoubtedly an  uncharacteristic subject matter in his internationally acclaimed body of work that spans 60 plus years.

Measuring an impressive 30 x 40”, the stalagmites and stalactites, or fringes of Manton, capture the seductive secrets of this major international tourist attraction. Painted as a commission to one of his collectors spotlighting the Caves of Balearic Islands, on the east coast of Mallorca, Spain, these unique treasures blend Vives-Atasara’s signature color palette with his sweeping but refined palette knife technique. 

Cave Drach is an exquisite and exotic experience in its own right, host to one of the largest underground lakes in the world complete with 10 minute orchestra concerts.  However, coupled with the artistic prowess of Vives-Atsara – the ethereal atmospheres draw us in, entering into a dark and sonorous milieu.
In these two paintings, the only pair ever done of this location by the artist, Vives-Atasa treats the subject in relation to the background very different with alternating dark and light backgrounds.  With a gloomy, shadowy and cryptic dullness in one, we are confronted by our own insecure-ness on continuing our journey further into this superb subterranean while juxtaposing a purposefully lighted sensibility in the other, he guides us with artistic generosity;  illuminating and uncovering an unimaginable underworld.

Cuevas del Drach and Cave Mallorca are priced at $22,000 framed.  These unusual and matchless paintings by Jose Vives-Atsara are estimated to be painted sometime around 1962-1964.  This timeframe would be reflective of his accession to celebrated lecture and instructor at Incarnate Word College, San Antonio Art League and the Witte Memorial Museum;  a major formative and important few years of an internationally celebrated career.  

Only a few years later in 1968, his work was presented as gifts to Arnulfo Arias Madrid the President of Panama and Luis Pietri, the President of Venezuela.

© Gabriel Diego Delgado
Gallery Director
J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne


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