Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Contemporary Artists to JR Mooney Galleries, Boerne

For Immediate Release:

Gabriel Diego Delgado
Gallery Director
J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne/ 830.816.5106

Is the Hill Country ready for Contemporary Art; its idiocies and scholarly art theories-- its hard edge abstractions and minimal ephemerals?

J.R. Mooney Galleries, a nationally recognized Texas Vintage and Impressionism Gallery of South Texas is proud to announce a new selection of Midcareer and Established Contemporary Artists to their Boerne Gallery location; including Russell Stephenson (San Antonio), Cody Vance (San Antonio), Sidney Sinclair (Boerne), and Guus Kemp (Houston/Netherlands).

The Texas Hill Country has often been the known for Bluebonnet paintings, Western depictions of cowboy life, wildlife mixed with landscapes, traditional holiday painters and watercolorists capturing the quaint essence of small town aesthetics. Boerne, Texas is no different, with several Fine Art Galleries that span a wide range of genres; including artist’s studios, co-ops, coffeehouses, boutiques, and other venues that show high and low quality of art – hometown heroes to regional and national recognitions; Texas to Santa Fe aesthetics.

Geographically, Boerne is the perfect location nestled between San Antonio and Fredericksburg.  However, both cities support a larger art community and flourishing creative-based economy; granting growth to international art markets, while Boerne has not diversified its collective pallet yet. . However, only up until now Contemporary Art had been void in this small town with a “town unique as its name.” Traditional art has laid the groundwork to attract clients from all over Texas, now J.R. Mooney Galleries-Boerne is showing them a new set of rules founded in 195-60’s Art Movements.  

With ever expanding gated communities, exclusive neighborhoods, younger family demographic and changing design markets and trends, Contemporary Art cannot be ignored!

San Antonio’s Russell Stephenson brings a youthful energy, a polished contemporary aesthetic while maintaining roots in traditional approach.  His art captures a sense of divine intervention, one that shapes the world around us; the gold accents, the earthy tones, and heavens and the horizons- each combining to conjure up a transcendent typography that radiates perfection.  In his Panoramic Texas Series we can meditate on the horizontal fixations that represent such cosmic altruisms, rich with beauty but toned with hues variegated into a hazy manifestation.

Cody Vance, a retired Air Force Veteran and military textbook/manual illustrator turned Stone Carver delivers highly refined and silken exotic stone carvings that begged to be touched in their highly polished essences. Amoebic and organic shapes are surprisingly accented with playful swirls, twists and loops that draw our eye around the fullness and study compositions, each masterful and lyrical in its own right. Reminiscent of abstract bodily structures; hip bones, organs, and the like we see a direct lineage to his past life as a draftsman.

Feathery wisps of painterly attributes lick the canvas, as Sidney Sinclair delivers ephemeral landscapes with muted palettes of color that lays claim to a new beginning.  She gives us a hazy dreamland of internal psychology mixed with a vaporous scenery; impressionistic pictorials that are executed with due diligences of a trained painter with years of study that delivers a tranquil quaintness. Sidney Sinclair also draws on extensive art historical connotations of Catholic Iconology mixed with her personal story to create contemporary geometric images that seem to be deliberate with religious overtones, while at other times missing the overt religious reference and relishes in the pure abstraction of symmetrical shapes. 

Guus Kemp, a modern day Abstract Expressionist, allows himself a “painterly” freedom of color exploration coupled with a highly intense paint overlay technique. Multiple layers of dense color collide on the canvas, vibrantly fleeting for spatial ownership of any and all space on the large scale abstractions.  Evident is the artist’s hand and fluid body movements that create such lines, mark making, and gestural punches.  These overall composition paintings often include striking streaks of thick impasto-esque oil paint traversing over each other, creating skewed cadences of deliberate nonlinear arrangements.  Moreover, his understanding of color theory is articulately displayed with an often self-restricted color pallet, making for vibrant edges- yellows to blues and reds to greens. In a multitude of his paintings, Guus uses a sweeping gesture of profuse paint, exploding over the canvases, with a possible and hypothetical allusion to a botanical reference or self-guided cosmic inference.

J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art Boerne, Boerne
Addition of Mid-Career and Established Contemporary Artists to the Signature Traditional and Impressionistic Art Gallery of the JR Mooney Brand and Identity
Starting November 2013
JR Mooney Galleries of Fine Art 305 S. Main Street Boerne, TX 78006 (830) 816-5106

For more Contemporary Artist and signature traditional artwork of JR Mooney Galleries, Boerne, contact Gallery Director- Gabriel Diego Delgado at 830.816.5106

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