Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gina Hampton (Boerne/ Fair Oaks Jewelry Maker) Arrives with Bold Designs and a renounced Fine Art Quality

Gina Hampton

Boerne/ Fair Oaks Jewelry Maker

Bold Designs with a Fine Art Quality

Gina Hampton has a strong history of success at JR Mooney Gallery in Boerne.  For less than five years people have come to expect and receive work of integrity in each piece.  Gina’s designed the spring and summer compositions with lightness and airiness in concept and detail. Necklaces having single strands of beads - some in aquatic color themes; others having images of turtles and frogs were harbingers of the outdoors, patio parties and casual times enjoyed during summer.  Now that fall has come and nature offers coolness and boldness of color, Gina’s artistic expression has responded to the change of apparel enjoyed by many.

Gina Hampton, Boerne’s own artisan in metals and semi-precious stones, has welcomed the fall and winter season with designs that are thoughtfully composed and appropriate for day into evening wear.  One-of-a-kind jewelry and willingness to adjust lengths and change sets to individual needs are welcome and show the personal commitment to service that is rare, but, typical of her thoughtfulness.

Most recent compositions include layering of contrasting materials.  One design includes nautilus shells, Druze, crystal, pearls and amber.   Gina once again shows how very knowledge and insightful she is and respectful of natural color and minerals.  Another necklace inspired by large chunks of flesh toned agate is reminiscent of the attention to detail and Gina’s understanding of jewelry that is intended to enhance the wearer.

At its most subtle level  Gina is aware of jewelry and the story it tell of travels, the search for quality that sustains the test of time, or personal value system.   Weather it is a gift to oneself, a family member, or loved one, careful thought has been addressed and the personal connection will come full circle.

©Betty Houston
Art Consultant
JR Mooney Galleries, Boerne

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