Friday, December 20, 2013

Iconology of D. Mendoza

Madonna de la Salud
Diana Mendoza
Oil / 10” x 8” / $920.00 framed

The spiritual art of Diana Mendoza is imagery that offers dramatic texture.  She is purposeful in the application of gold leaf with oil on canvas.   The clothing is artistically benefited by using metallic leaf application to create medallions as well as clothing accents. 

The hues are consistently regal.  Blue, ochre, ruby red and green are used in values that communicate harmony to the figurative paintings.   Mendoza uses light brush strokes and ease of hand that links the artist to the painting in a reverent way.  The radiant halo adds continuity to the painting, defining the spirituality of the Madonna. 

The blessed Madonna and child are portrayed with porcelain like features and facial perfection that is beaming and sets the two apart from mortal’s portraiture.  There is contentment as the loving Madonna supports the child and the child reciprocates with an outstretched arm in trusting childlike love. 

  The embrace suggests affection, care, and honor that are uniquely shared by adult and child in any culture.  Their eyes gaze off at distance as they savor time together and seem to understand their unique calling in history.

Diana Mendoza is known for her skillful precision.  Her ability to combine gold leaf and oil on canvas in tracery outline is a time consuming process that results in imagery that is appealing in many cultures and touches the human spirit.

© Betty Houston

J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne

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