Friday, December 20, 2013

Which Way, the Patience of the Cowboy

Which Way?
Oil on canvas / 30 x 40” / $1,125.00 framed

Mazoy is both artist and storyteller.  He uses of color helps illustrate the time of day and invites the viewer to participate in the happenings of this cowboys’ daily routine.  His color choices are traditional and realistic to the rural countryside; refraining from embellishment to portray the aptly named Which Way?

Two horsemen seek direction.  Mazoy portrays stillness and the obedience of the horses by using slight variations of brown and tan; anchoring them in the landscape, with an almost central composition.

 The use of neighboring tones communicates the ease of the dutiful equine. The brush strokes are fine and the absence of sheen on the horsehair confirms working animals. The hounds are trained to satisfy the owners request for direction but, elusiveness prevails.  They are surrounded by water and the scent of the hunted is lost.

In contrast, the flowing water is more impressionistic and painted in long horizontal strokes that echo the reflecting colors of the vegetation and the animals. Beyond the water’s edge is lush greenery supported by dense green sub growth that is thriving.

The horsemen understand the plight of the dogs and patiently exchange eye contact. It appears that the participants understand the complexity of the situation.  The hues, the brush strokes and the overall calmness contribute to the acceptance of the situation.

© Betty Houston

JR. Mooney Galleries, Boerne

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