Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Bridge in Town" by Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen captures the light of day with fresh color and bold strokes of the palette knife.   "Bridge in Town" is a study in contrasts. He comments on the simple village and the common bridge ; the curved waterway, straight angles of roof tops and windows are central to the composition.  Neutral tones are the axis of the painting; yet harmonious with plantings, water and sky.

Warm tones of yellow and orange are sparingly used in contrast to the range of blues in water and sky.  The vegetation is mostly small abundant strokes with the pallet knife and the most contrasting in depth as compared with other surfaces.

The most placid and quiet texture in the painting is that of the water with its mirror like image of shadows. Although there are three persons on the bridge, one appears to be fishing and the others are standing obliviously and quietly. It is this sum of contrasts that make Bridge in Town a gallery favorite.

©Betty Houston Boerne Gallery

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