Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Contemporary Still life with Tulok

..."Tulok, a native to Budapest has always enjoyed painting and drawing. He credits his break from his professional career in 1989 as a life changing decision that jump started his professional artistic endeavors. Refining his trade and using a little fine art finesse, Tulok’s art is very distinguishing with a characteristic Renaissance style.
Having mastered the art of painting on copper, Tulok has found a unique ground that has allowed his colors to flourish. Part old master painter, part Realist, Tulok has rediscovered the chiaroscuro aesthetic; allowing a new generation of patrons to explore the blackened surroundings and out of view light source- accentuating the traditional still-life compositions. His soft shadows, deep crimsons, and vibrant hues could not be achieved any other way, but with the exploration of this unusual metallic undercoating.
Often exaggerating the dew, moisture, and condensation on the elements in the composition, Tulok redefines a classical conception with a still life reemergence."
© Gabriel Diego Delgado, Boerne Gallery

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