Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arthur McCall New Work July 2012

Arthur McCall

Written By: Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant
J.R. Mooney Galleries 

The True Texan and artist, Arthur McCall is back with two new smaller works.  Each one is simplistic in genre but detailed for investigation. Fowl, Vegetation, Cactus and Foliage all mix within two small paintings that hold the viewers attention. 

In McCall’s Searchin’- Wild turkeys searching for victuals in the light underbrush show their eager persistence in scouring the ground to make the meal. Details in the feathers, ground textures and dried up riverbed situates the viewer in the unknown but slightly familiar acreage- one of the days long ago when Father and son happen upon the game in a outdoor manly bonding retreat.  Accompanying the intrinsic detail of the work we cannot help but hear the gobble of the birds as they peck and forage.  Plus, we see the water is not yet stagnant, feeding life of those in this semiarid desert climate.  On the otherhand,

Arthur McCall’s “Yellow Cactus” illustrates a picturesque field of voluptuous cactus, reveling in the afternoon sun. Stretching beyond what the eye can see - this infinite field of cactus is complete with a pollinating honeybee, cherishing the sweet succulents of these golden Texas Treasures.


"Yellow Cactus"

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