Friday, July 13, 2012

Jung Yoon

Jung Yoon
Morning’s First Light
48” x 60”

Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant
J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art

..."Jung Yoon, aka (Max J. Yoon) a Korean Painter and former Bass Guitarist for Korean Pop Superstar Patti Kim, is a master of the superficial sunlight; exaggerating the ornately clouded sunrays of optimism and sumptuousness.  Yoon creates striking landscapes where the ground plays “second fiddle” to the intense rays of light emitting from behind the clouded atmosphere of superficial sunsets and dawning.

Morning’s First Light is no exception. A simple four quadrant composition and central path and tree cluster- the gestalt of the painting rests solely on the predawn luminosity that scatters across the vineyards and orchards of some imaginary estate.  Part Thomas Kincaid, part Venetian Impressionism- Yoon’s signature is seen in the golden rays that disperse a multi value palette of pinks, crimsons, blues, oranges, and purples across the semi-obstructed skyline.

Although the pathway leading into the center of the composition is a bit flat, the acute angles of the chateau on the upper left pulls your attention into the shadowy corner of celestial cerulean.  Deep in the heart of the off-centered conundrum of lavishly overgrown trees, a manor peeks out from behind the over simplistic vegetation.

Playing off the homestead viewpoint, Yoon interjects with a seemingly misplaced lake. Bland in his color intensity, the water emits a cool and refreshing feeling-even if there is little effort in his attempts to capture the true essence of the morning radiance in the reflections.

Even though each section of the painting has its place in the composition and anchored to its position by deliberate visual breaks, there are no surprises in the quasi-autumn scenery but the beaming joie de vivre of aura and divinity."

Jung Yoon
Morning's First Light
48 x 60"

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  1. I have a painting by this artist. It depicts a beautiful sky and large rolls of hay.


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