Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dalhart Windberg, "Yucca Cactus"
By: Gabriel Diego Delgado
Art Consultant
J R Mooney Galleries

..."This horizontal painting by the world renowned Dalhart Windberg, is a 60’s throwback to a time of a palated aesthetic. This orange, garish, and post-apocalyptic landscape is complete with barren branches of broken vegetation that references the Pencil (stick) cactus; bookending a vital cactus patch.  Approaching such a diminishing acute angle, the flowered cactus in the foreground start at a higher depth at the left side, diminishing in perspective or measurable volume as the painting reads left to right. The viewer’s connection breaks at a cluster of spiky Yucca cactus on the right; a dark and shadow ridden vegetation that caters to the brazen fire-burning skyline of insidious haze.  Windberg’s palette knife strokes make for choppy and slanted textures on the rocks and stones. Although this creates a somewhat muddy color field; the application works w
ith the motifed application of knife and brush- such is the example of the cactus themselves.  Usually Windberg pays careful attention to shadows, light, color, and values, but in “Yucca Cactus” his play on shade turns to gloom as he investigates the “un-penetrate-able” crevices that lurk in the midst of such undergrowth.  Unusual in his decision to add such a secondary color as the main hue, this painting is a gem, unique to his roster of paintings and surely a collector’s item in its own integrity."

JR Mooney Galleries
8302 Broadway
San Antonio, TX

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