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Darryl Trott ~ Watercolor Genius / Floral Masterpieces **Rare**

Darryl Trott
Tall Bearded Iris
22” x 30”
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“Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven't time, and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time.”

Georgia O'Keeffe

Many great artists have painted flowers: Judith Lyster in the 1600’s, Manet in the 1800’s, Georgia O’Keeffe in the 1920’s, Andy Warhol in the 1970’s, and Darryl Trott in the 1980’s (among many other noted artists throughout history).

The flower is a traditional still-life element, but when painted with soul, expression, refinement, and elegance – artists can create a metaphysical experience, a visual retreat for all to partake. 

With over 300 species of natural hybrids found within the Iris genus, the Bearded Iris is but one variety that happened to strike the fancy of watercolor artist, Darryl Trott (1942-2004).

Australian born, Trott was an artist who was able to capture the translucency, fragility and grace of any flower.  In Tall Beared Iris, Trott delivers a stunning floral beauty -- a seemingly endless flower parade.  Painted larger than life, the impeding Iris invasion captures the true beauty and ephemeral quality of this magnificent flower.

Having passed away on June 9, 2004 from a heart attack, most of Darryl Trott’s extensive original paintings were returned by the galleries to his family in Adelaide, Australia; robbing the American Art Community of his signature flower paintings and thus making Tall Bearded Iris a rarity on the open market.

Tall Bearded Iris is an asymmetrical floral arrangement that emits a proportionate configuration, drawing the eye down into a “V” composition with the orange iris on the left balanced by the purple one on the right—a purposeful play on complementary colors.  His soft color palette reinforces the delicateness of the plant, while his mastering of the watercolor technique provides an avenue for a liquefied lavishness of his subjects. Systematically applied white edges not only add depth to the petals but create a separation of individuality with each flower showcasing its own dynamic personality. 

Almost hyper-realism, Trott captures the shadowy recessive pockets of stem to bud, from flower petals to leaves with tonal qualities found only in nature. The wet on wet technique used in the background creates a hazy botanical atmosphere, blending background to a faded horizon—never quite arriving at the end of the arrangement.

Trott’s floral paintings have graced the art collections of Lady Bird Johnson, Queen Beatrix of Holland, and the American Iris Society.

© Gabriel Diego Delgado

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  1. I have what I think are morning glories, water color original that I think my partner bought when he visited Australia. Signed and Dated 79


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