Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fair Weather Sailing with X. Song Jiang

X. Song Jiang
13” x 10”
Oil on panel
(Frame included)

Choppy waters, looming clouds and tilted sail, all buildup to one thing – a possible disastrous recourse for one lone sailboat.  However, pockets of soothing cerulean sky peek out like a metaphysical mind’s third eye that foreshadows a safe return to harbor.

“Sail” is a new acquisition by J.R. Mooney Galleries of artist, X. Song Jiang, a Chinese born Canadian artist.   A recent recipient of the 2012 Gold Medal Prize at the Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition at Evergreen Fine Art, Jiang captures the essence of what it means to be mindful of the turbulent waters of Mother Nature’s open seas.

“Sail” is an impressionistic masterpiece that is anchored by the traditional triangle composition; made up by sail and vessel, volleying on the waters slightly below the horizon line. With the sky capturing three fourths of the picture plan we are reluctant to quiver in the presence of such forceful weather, an aggression that juxtaposes against the naturally serene qualities of sailing and being on the open waters --relaxing.

With a minimal color palette, Jiang uses almost a monotone and gloomy hue selection to reinforce the pending change of course as this ship prepares to tackle some quick seaman navigations.

With a deep blue pocket left of center, this skewed focal point is balanced by the tip of the sail which leans to the right. Linear elements of the sail, shroud and backstay are juxtaposed with the organic qualities captured in the cresting and breaking waves, crashing against the hull.

“Sail” and other works by X. Song Jiang can be purchases at J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art.  Call 210-828-8214 for current selections. 

View all available works by X. Song Jiang at: www.jrmooneygalleries.com.

©Gabriel Diego Delgado/J.R. Mooney Galleries

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