Thursday, August 22, 2013

The trembling ground of a cattle drive

Red Top Scramble

Ragan Gennusa
24 x 32"
$ 450.00

Red Top Scramble is the newest giclee published on behalf of Ragan Gennusa available at J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art. 

Four cowboys in Stetson shirts and alternating black and white, black and white cowboy hats push and guide the longhorn cattle drive. With the herd kicking up dirt and glances array, the viewer is given a courteous distance -- a safe reserve to feel the trembling. 

A black splotched longhorn rumbles by, favoring center stage and showing us he is fully aware of our presence on this dusty trail.  

With a long history of civic and community affairs ranging from Gulf Coast Conservation Association, Ducks Unlimited, Gillespie County Historical Society, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Gennusa shows us why his originals are in such demand. 

Call 210-828-8214 to purchase it today.

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