Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Colors by Margie Barker

In a painting appropriately entitled “Fall Colors”, Margie Barker pays homage to the seasonal transition we know as autumn. The colors found on this trail announce the change many people await; the heat of summer is no longer a daily experience. Now, there is a clear blue sky complemented by browns, and oranges in subtle tones.  Accompanying this cerulean heaven are the lingering signs of green that refresh the painting with cool tones of grass and warm greens of the evergreen sub-growth.

Margie Barkers’ painting captures stillness in a changing season. Skillful application of paint strokes are used to further convey the quietness of the moment. Most engaging are trees dressed in finery; as the leaves have not fallen to the ground. The only recorded appearance of motion is a group of geese flying in formation across the sky.  They are small, undefined, and fleeting discovery of minimal importance in this composition, but an important detail in the gestalt of the work.

 At this juncture there is quiet tension; soon nature will encompass the scene and cool winds will blow, leaves will fall, and progression of seasonal change will take place.  This moment is honored by Margie Barkers’ appreciation of landscape and its ever changing environment.

©Betty Houston

J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne

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