Saturday, October 18, 2014

Light Snow by Arthur McCall

Arthur McCall
Light Snow
24” x 24”

“Light Snow”

Arthur McCall, a native of South Texas is a long-time resident of Pleasanton, Texas. In his painting titled Light Snow, he shares a time not often witnessed in South Texas. It has been a snowy day!  The snowfall covering the landscape remains as a pleasant reminder of the past few hours.

The mesquite trees and corrals are dusted lightly by the falling frozen precipitation as is the vegetation in the foreground.  Regular and irregular shaped tree limbs comprise a fence made from available resources. The rugged old fence is highlighted by snow, however; the roof of the barn and the barren ground has collected a formative amount of snow.

Arthur has skillfully captured the cloud formations that are known whenever cooler air is in the stratosphere.  The clouds are smooth and gently colored by the evening sunset and his brush strokes are purposefully well blended.  The natural setting is honest in character and un-embellished by Arthur as he acknowledges love of land and austere simplicity on this snowy day in rural South Texas.

The painting is punctuated by red gate and barn placed off center and visually connected to the wagon and the windmill beside the barn.  This composition is linear, triangular, and soothingly typical of the loving attention to detail observed by many viewers of Arthur McCall’s paintings.

©Betty Houston
Art Consultant/ Framing Designer
JR Mooney Galleries, Boerne

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