Friday, December 26, 2014

A Year in Rewind with JR Mooney Galleries -- A Recap of 2014

"A Year in Rewind"

Recap of 2014

J.R. Mooney
Galleries of Fine Art
January 2014
In Jan. 2014 J.R. Mooney Galleries saw Russell Stephenson and Cliff Cavin featured in  Company/Company MD Magazine.  This article profiled the ways in which both artists discussed their journey to being a professional artist. 
February 2014
Feb 2014, one of the newest Abstract Expressionist artists to be featured at the Boerne gallery location was also highlighted in Art World News Magazine
March 2014
March 2014 was the annual Briscoe Western Art Museum's Night of the Artist exhibition. In this yearly museum sale, two artists from J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art were curated into the exhibition: Mark Keathley and Cliff Cavin. 
April 2014
April 2014 in Boerne was buzzing with excitement for the annual BPA event - Parade of Artists. In 2014, J.R. Mooney Galleries featured Bill Scheidt and Sidney Sinclair. 
May 2014
In May 2014, J.R. Mooney Galleries opened "Unveiling Texas", an abstract landscape exhibition featuring the works of Russell Stephenson and Jose Vives-Atsara.
June 2014
In the beginning of summer 2014, J.R. Mooney Galleries was proud to showcase the work of Cliff Cavin and his bold landscape paintings of New Mexico. 
July 2014
July 2014, with the blistering summer heat in full swing, J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne decided to showcase their favorite paintings with an showing titled "Gallery Picks of the Month".  Gallery Staff Betty Houston and Gabriel Diego Delgado chose their favorite paintings in the collection and gave reason for choosing. 
August 2014
In August, J.R. Mooney Galleries was picked to be featured in a national article about gallery inventory and new artists in Art World News Magazine. 
September 2014
For September, J.R. Mooney Galleries launched the RED FALL exhibition, featuring great Texas Vintage artists like Salinas and Slaughter. Other mentionables included Peyton, Pabst and others. 
October 2014
Oct 2014 was the annual BPA Hill Country Invitational art exhibition.  J.R. Mooney Galleries was proud to sponsor Margie Barker, Bill Scheidt, and Sidney Sinclair. 
November 2014
November was in full swing with the spotlight exhibition of X. Song Jiang, the release of our new on-line exhibition catalog series  and Boerne's own Dicken's on Main events. 
Phot Courtesy of Boerne Spolights 
December 2014
J.R. Mooney Galleries rounded out the year with a holiday trunk show with Alexander & Victor Fine Art.

Join us again for

another great year!!

See you all in 2015!!

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