Friday, December 19, 2014

Stone Beach by Humphrey

                            Stone Beach by Humphrey

      As one treks through the dense autumn hued forest, the dense foliage finally clears to reveal a secluded beach comprised of smoothly eroded stones and an azure inlet of water. A discovery of a secret cove to those who have ventured forth the distance and have at last found their place of rejuvenation. All is quiet in Humphrey's "Stone Beach" and there is a serene calm that is gently infused throughout the atmosphere of this painting, even in the presence of intense color.       


     Although inspired by nature, the hues Humphrey employs are richly saturated and further serve to express the vitality and aliveness of the landscape. This rich vibrancy of color, especially applied in the leaves of the trees and the flora surrounding the beach contrasts with the tranquil blue of the bay’s water and the subtle muted earth tones of the tree covered hills on the opposite shore.   

     Across the water in the distance, the source of light is highlighted in fine gossamer mist that is diffused in the right side of the painting behind the trees in the foreground, which lends a mysterious quality to the work. The light in the center of the composition is accented by the concentration of highlights on the water, providing the painting’s focal point and creating a final resting place visually and mentally.

©Katherine Shevchenko - Art Consultant, J.R. Mooney Gallery, Boerne

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