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Seth Camm Spotlight article in the Nov./ Dec. edition of NHOME Magazine

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Seth Camm

Seth Camm

San Antonio Artist of the Year

By: Gabriel Diego Delgado

*** As Seen in the new Nov./ Dec. edition of NHOME Magazine.

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Each year the San Antonio Art League Museum sponsors a solo exhibition for the 2014 Artist of the Year, having held this event every year since 1945.  The artist is honored with a retrospective exhibition and accompanying catalog.  It provides an opportunity for artists within a sixty mile radius of San Antonio to participate in the competition and possibly be selected for the exhibit in the museum located in the King Williams District of San Antonio.

This year, the coveted and highly prestigious award went to Seth Camm, a San Antonio based artist.

The San Antonio Art League Museum’s website states, “The annual San Antonio Artist’s Exhibition grew out of the fabled Edgar B. Davis Competitions of the late 1920s. It provides an opportunity for artists of all media, young or old, experienced or beginners, to be judged by a juror of repute for acceptance in the exhibition and to compete for awards and purchase prizes.”

Seth Camm, a contemporary painter evokes the artistic attributes of artists and artisans from long ago to help him forge his way through contemporary issues using century’s old techniques. With chiaroscuro, (Italian for the play of light and dark) Seth works through illusionistic shading; defining the illusion of volume. His soft shadows, deep contrasts, and vibrant hues add a signature timeless aesthetic in the world of contemporary art. From impressionistic people, house portraits, landscapes, still-life and even nightmarish narratives, Seth artistic genre elevates him to a status reserved for master painters.

As 2014 Artist of the Year, Seth was chosen by a closed jury panel, his artistic gift dominated the submission selections. Mentored by the great Odd Nerdrum, a contemporary Neo- Baroque artist from Sweden, Seth was guided then delved into the classical techniques of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and da Vinci.
 With a dark and melancholy overtone, Seth’s portrait paintings take on spiritual affirmations; giving important to the discarded- the homeless, the forgotten, the dismissed; giving voice to the silent and granting eternal purity in the classic renditions for spiritual affirmations and relinquish of penance; washed away by an artistic shaman.

“The Artist of the Year” exhibition is also accompanied by a 36-page color catalog of Camm's work.
Look for new work by Seth Camm at the J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne location in
January 2015

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