Saturday, July 11, 2015

Claude Roy's "Afternoon Dance" at JR Mooney Galleries

New Acquisitions

Claude Roy 
“Afternoon Dance”

Oil  20” x 24” $745.00

Claude Roy explores the landscape in vivid and brilliant explosions of color through a robust impasto palette knife technique.  Typically he paints idyllic vistas of country sides, meadows and fields with architectural accompaniments of cottages, punctuated with flourishes of cadmium reds and greens.

“Afternoon Dance” is a maverick painting due to the below eye level perspective, which brings the viewer close up with the tall wavy grasses of the lush meadows that were always seen from afar in his canvases.  Roy has decided to focus on the winged subjects that inhabit the flora of his pastoral renditions.

There are four butterflies that are depicted in flight: a revealing of a world that is oftenoverlooked in the overall scheme of a landscape painting.  Attention has been given to the details on the wings and the interactions between the butterflies. Here, Roy’s palette knife technique in full display, with strokes and impressions slicing through the hues and colors suggesting leaves and clusters of saturated  blooms that are in the foreground. 

The background is a soft haze of subtle layering of delicate blues and soft whites creating an illusion of depth and distance in the sky.  The cool tones of the background contrast and accentuate the crimson impasto that comprises the flowers that the butterflies are fluttering upon.  This harmony of color palette harmony infuses the painting with a whimsical vibrancy and creates a joyous presentation.

© Katherine Shevchenko, 
Art Consultant, 
J.R. Mooney Gallery, Boerne 

July 8, 2015      

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