Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The launch of "The Designer's Quill", an interior design advice column by JR Mooney Galleries

J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art is happy to launch the newest edition of a new monthly column geared toward interior design. Penned "The Designer's Quill", this advice column from the art consultant's point-of-view is slated to give tips, advice, and monthly doses of interior tidbits. 

Look for this month's column in the new edition of Plumage-TX Magazine

A room that “just feels right” can be elusive, but is very achievable. Most of us know what we like.  We all respond to color and subject matter in art.  Yet scale is often overlooked when choosing art and how it relates to the size of the wall and size of the room. The main wall or main furniture sets the tone for the scale of the art. If the ceiling happens to be high, the taller and more dramatic the art needs to be.

Survey the rooms of your home.  If “something” does not seem right it might be the scale of the art that needs tweaking.  Your can have the environment you desire by removing, rearranging, and or replacing.  Most interiors benefit from art that is larger than one might initially choose.  This one decision can transform a space into an extraordinary and memorable area.

A unique opportunity offered at J.R.Mooney Galleries is our concierge service.  At a client’s request and agreed upon time framed art can be viewed in its intended area.  This is especially valuable as a large painting is transported safely by courier and consultation can take place.  The radius of this service is the immediate San Antonio area.

By: Betty Houston, Art Consultant

Editor’s Note:  J.R. Mooney Galleries is proud to present, “The Designer’s Quill” Interior Design & Framing Tips, a monthly column spotlighting an industry friend for hands-on advice in dealing with home interiors. Written by the knowledgeable staff at J.R. Mooney Galleries, “The Designer’s Quill” will highlight tips, reassurances, thoughts, and advice for those making changes to their home. It will also feature facets of custom framing, including new moulding lines available, how-to walkthroughs and framing consultation.

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